1 Litre of Water a Day

I have talked about water before; it’s good for you (critically), tastes like nothing and doesn’t have the bite and sweet, crisp, carbonated drink does. But it’s super important to your brain to keep cool (literally), and I know I do not get close to 1 litre of specifically water unless I think about it.

But I am on a water drinking streak (hopefully I didn’t jinx it), and I want to share!

December 2021. A new beginning.

It takes time to get good at something. To feel it, gauge it, test your judgement and adapt. That is, to me, the process of becoming an expert. Testing, practicing and reviewing to the point that a rhythm is found, level repeatability – a habit is formed. That you intuitively make educated guesses, check the success rate and adapt. Learn the correct pace, based on time, temperature, humidity, place, activity, exertion, etc.

It starts slow; you set a timer or have a container with you at all times. If you look at it, take a sip. I have found that when I look at it, I am always thirsty. Sometimes gulp worthy thirst. The ideal situation would be frequent, small drinks. Continually recharging and cooling all systems. Do you have a job with lots of talking? Movement? Thinking? You probably dehydrate quickly.

Set a moderate goal: 1 Litre. It’s easy to get a reusable 1 litre (32 oz) bottle. Fill it before you go to bed and have it done before supper. I usually have a 250ml (8oz) cup of water ready to go beside my bed so that I can hydrate as soon as I wake. Plus, throughout the day, drink a 1L glass milk jug of water. Sometimes it’s all the way to bedtime before I drink it all, but beware – I have found I do not sleep well when I drink too much water before bed. I wake early to pee and often have vivid, restless dreams.

I am on a great streak. There is more to thrive tasks beyond drinking 1L of water a day. I actually haven’t missed a day other then I missed ticking the box on December 31st (I was completing tasks before going to bed and went to bed after midnight forgetting) and January 14th (idk why I forgot here, but I did) no matter – its the pattern that matters not the specific instance.

As you pay attention to how you feel when drinking the water. How do you feel when you look at the bottle. Grab it drink. Auto-pilot. Sip when not too thirsty. Drink when thirsty. Pay attention to how your body and mind feel. 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 2 hours… water bottle: how long since your last drink? How do you feel? Take a sip…

You begin to notice how you feel even when you aren’t looking at a water bottle. Feeling groggy, tired, hungry, irritable, hot… take a drink.

You will pee a lot at first. Then not as much. Your body keeps what it needs, and let’s go. It’s become comfortable and trusting that you will continue. Your skin clears, and your sleep is better.

If you get used to it and then forget to drink for a while, lips become dry; you feel warm, the head is tight, eyes bother, and like a starving man, you dive on your bottle when spotted. You will relish the drink.

Are you thirsty yet?

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