a new beginning in natural beauty

natural beauty products (rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, raw honey, and clay) laying on a scarf with flowers and sun hat.

Since I had surgery, my skin has been steadily clearing up. There have been two major shifts in my lifestyle that I think contribute to the newfound clarity (though to be honest, still have some redness from past afflictions).

One, and I think this is the biggest contributor, I stopped birth control. When I take a minute to think, I have been on birth control for almost a decade. I hate it, and the longer I continued to be on it the more I struggled with acne. In the last two years, I have come to believe it was a huge contributor to my facial acne.

Two, I had almost completely stopped washing my face. Sounds gross I know. But for reals, getting out of surgery and confined to a bed, birdbaths were the only option. Even after being released, a shower was amaze balls, but simple soap and water were the best I had the energy for. Facial skincare was limited to bar soap and moisturizer and sunscreen only as required.

With some time on my hands, while healing, I started reading about natural alternatives. Specifically, oils that can help reduce the appears of scarring. From my surgery, I have a couple scalpel lines and I would like to encourage their disappearance.

natural beauty products (rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, raw honey, and clay) laying on a scarf with flowers and sun hat.

I actually tried using oil as a cleanser a couple years ago and had good results with it, but SQUIRREL! My attention moved on. Since I started reading about natural beauty though, I have returned to the natural side.

Rosehip is the oil that repeatedly came up as a good option for fading scars and reducing acne. Both thangs I am working on. Sweet Almond is the carrier oil I will use to dilute the Rosehip and stretch out its life span. Almond oil is much cheaper than the Rosehip. Rosehip also happens to be one of the few acne and scarring oils I can procure in my little city.

Other oils I would like to add to my selection are Jojoba and Tea Tree. Jojoba because of its a good match to skin sebum, and tea tree for its use in fighting acne. Oils I would try if I could get my hands on them are Tamanu, Evening Primrose, and Marula.

I’m flexible with my new skincare routine, as I still have old products to use. The worst offense to my bank account and the environment is just tossing out the old because I bought new. So my routine will be a mixed basket of old and new depending on how I feel that day.

In all my searching I came across a wild notion of using Honey as a face wash. So far I’m loving this. I don’t feel sticky at all after, it smells nice, and gives the littlest exfoliation. (which is excellent as I have such sensitive skin)

Here is a break down of zee routine:

  1. Only wash at night, if there is makeup on first rub oil all over face breaking down the make-up. Then follow with a honey rub, finally warm cloth to wipe everything away. In morning, I will just give my face a light splash with water. I feel like when it comes to my skin, less is more.
  2. Moisturizer as required. I’m going to create a dilution of Rosehip in Almond. Will maybe get some rose essential oil because its supposed to be calming, and will add a nice scent. This will be what I use for dry spots and scarring repair.
  3. Sunscreen is pretty important for my light skin, though I dislike most of the stuff out there. So HAT’s my friends are the first defense as environmentally safe sunscreen. When I find a good sunscreen I’ll let you know. (Actually, I really like Coola, but they break the bank.)
  4. Finally, if you are a sufferer of acne like I am, you need this clay. Robert found it on Amazon for me. Its a huge tub and was cheap and holy smokes it drys out pimples faster than the desert.

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