Life is what you make it.
You are what you repeatedly do.
Be the change I want to see in the world.

What’s up people? I’m Kelsey! I am a 30 something who is just connecting all the dots together for myself, bringing all the things I love and need into a balance that makes sense for me. It’s been a journey, there have been ups and downs not only for myself but for those around me, add in a little COVID and BAM! You got yourself a hellish mix.

My struggle has been a desire to have a creative outlet that matched with a business idea. I have been obsessed with creating my own business. But then I realized – I do business, everyday at work where I am a Production Scheduler and Office Supervisor (honestly the titles feel mind, I feel much closer to Op’s / Financial Coordination Manager).

I love fitness and sports (all of it, calisthenics, yoga, running, skiing, hiking, kayaking), travel and adventure (canada and the world), business and marketing (accounting, social media, photography, web design, branding) and I think its important we take care of the people and places around us. A solid community and sustainable planet is the only way to remove an expiry date from the way we live now.