Life is what you make it.
You are what you repeatedly do.
Be the change I want to see in the world.

Hey, what’s shakin’? I’m Kelsey! I am a multi-passionate gal, living in the priaries with her husband and Siberian husky.

I love fitness and sports (all of it, calisthenics, yoga, running, skiing, hiking, kayaking), travel and adventure (canada and the world), business and marketing (accounting, social media, photography, web design, branding) and I think its important we take care of the people and places around us.

This website is a launching pad for all the things I am up to! This blog is a catchall for the things that really aren’t niche enough, as well as bring it all together. For specific entertainment and connections, you can ride along on adventures, work with me to build your space on the web, go a little deeper into important, innovative & interesting subjects for thriving (according to me) in the form of notes collected and consolidated as I learn about them, for collective use.