19 Jul, 2021

Now 210719

Its been a while since a gain a quickie update, here is where I am now: Work has been nuts, leaving me little time for personal Sneaking in activity, short walks and yoga asana, some weekend adventures camping and mudding, taping and laying floor in the house. Been applying for mentorships Defining company structure Dreaming […]

Statue with iPhone
23 May, 2021

Scared to try botox?

I was, and then I tried it. Technically thought, I tried Dysport (similar product, different brand). What’s nuts is that I was more afraid of what people would think of me then I was what could go wrong. I have considered myself to be someone who didn’t care what people though, but alas I have […]

17 Apr, 2021

Swipe Up

Kelsey Kesler Subscribe to get a weekly round up of my musings, some brain food and a laugh. I also really dig growth, so I’m thinking a weekly challenge is in order – the catch is you are your ps. your email is no spam. pps. I know I used too many animated thingy-s, but […]

19 Jan, 2021

1 Litre of Water a Day

I have talked about water before; it’s good for you (critically), tastes like nothing and doesn’t have the bite and sweet, crisp, carbonated drink does. But it’s super important to your brain to keep cool (literally), and I know I do not get close to 1 litre of specifically water unless I think about it. […]

13 Jan, 2021

Progressive Overload, I got SWOLE.

Are you just getting back into fitness or want to know more? There are so many great resources, but they can be hard to find. They are often buried beneath all the sparkly, glamorous clickbait followed by hard to understand language and science. First, anything that makes you work harder is progressive overload. Whether you […]

11 Jan, 2021

Hashtag Networks

Do you want to build a following but struggle with a “niche?” Like, how exactly do I fit: fitness, food, adventure, travel, self-development, money, depression, happiness, design, interiors, home, business, etc., into a single brand?? I am not one thing. I have a couple solutions: Have a website home base that is YOU. Purely, every-little-bit-you. […]

07 Jan, 2021

Fitness History & LivelyBod

Hard to believe, but it’s been half a year since I launched and Livelybod is my prototype of an online fitness business, built like an app through WordPress and Elementor. I am a classic example of biting off more than you can chew. I am a fitness junkie. I like the gear; I […]

06 Jan, 2021

How do you like your food?

I’m quite curious. I like to see how other people live. I find that people have amazing little hacks that they don’t realize everyone has. Since you asked, I would call myself lazy when it comes to food. I don’t think I could use ignorant as an excuse as that went the way of the […]

05 Jan, 2021

7th Anniversary

Yesterday was R, and I’s 7th Anniversary (legally – we actually had two weddings). And we didn’t forget it this year! To celebrate, we made supper, had a hoot, I bubble bathed while R sat on the toilet, and we just talked about our mental healths and future. If it doesn’t sound romantic, it was. […]