Building a Personal Brand or Anything Really

I just had an incredible light bulb moment. I think about building a personal brand quite often and find the concept hard to get. But I have realized, it’s not hard to get, I just struggle with one of the two key steps in the process.

Building a personal brand or any brand or anything really is made up of a really small potion. Consistency and exposure.

I was sitting here listening to #garyvee again, when I suddenly thought, why does a man who doesn’t sell content have so much personal brand? What gave him the platform. He did youtube for his business and while that got him some notoriety it didn’t make him an internet sensation.

Building a Personal Brand by Being Consistent

As I have mentioned in a previous post, he is damn consistent. You want to know why he works such long hours? Look at how often he posts, there may be some automation and he has admitted that he personally runs Twitter and Instagram.

Being constant is what has been winning the game for any person building ANYTHING. Literally, there is no greater way to succeed in any endeavour.

Here’s why: if you don’t like what you’re doing, you might suck at it and you won’t stick with it long enough to break out. On the other hand, if you fucking love what you’re doing, your likely good at it just enjoying the journey and eventually you will grow a following of people that want everything you can give.

Be patient and enjoy the process.

Consistently Exposing Yourself

The more daunting piece of building a personal brand is exposure. It’s tricky because not only do you need to be consistently putting yourself out there, there is a special magic to how you go about it that will make or break you.

Firstly, when I say you’re exposing yourself, I do not mean icky pics. We’re talking media. You are a blogging, vlogging, tweeting, pinning, winning, facebooking, instagramming machine. You authentically spewing your message. Gracefully, of course. Sharing what makes you unique: your experience, humour, language and insights.

Secondly, what you are spewing is mad consistent. You have maybe 3-5 key points/messages/feelings/wisdoms that you are sending out into the world. These are authentically you. You may talk on many, many subjects, but you will always come back or boil down to these key principles/ values.

This is again where consistency comes back. You are what you repeatedly do. Whatever you do, say, think, eat, hang out with is what you are. make sure all those things that you ACTUALLY are, match up with what you are saying to the world. Then begin CONSISTENTLY EXPOSING. Be documenting, not creating.

And finally, just do it.

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