Building Confidence in Others Mostly at Work

Building confidence in others is such an easy thing to do, I wish more people would do it. The simplest way to boost someone up is to give a compliment. Personally, I enjoy complimenting people who least expect it.

Imagine, grabbing a coffee and noticing the local barista has a beautiful smile. All that you have to do is say, “you have a beautiful smile.” As a result, you can literally watch a person stand taller and open and brighten up like a flower.

It’s so incredibly simple, you feel good giving a compliant and a potential stranger feels better too.

Building Confidence at work

The next best thing is when commenting on the good stuff at work. These are people you spend an incredible amount of time with. You know their kids, sposues, hobbies and likely what they do every weekend. Work is amazing with friendly, happy, polite yet efficient and competent people.

The good stuff is fist-pumping moments that build morale. The rights are, just that, right. Unfortunately, its when the shit hits the fan we all get in the same room. Obviously, doing something wrong has to be fixed. I just don’t want the wrongs stacking up and bringing the team down.

One way to build confidence and the team’s mentality is having an uplifting moment. When everything is going sideways, I like to rally the team and have everyone give some good news. Good news feels good and literally flips a switch in the brain. A little laughter and some high fives and we are back slugging away.

Building confidence between co-workers can be more than just a pow wow or some simple compliments because you know these people so well. So give a real, deep compliment.

For example, are they highly detailed and thorough? Do they have an excellent way of speaking to co-workers or employees? Do they bring something special to the room?

Giving constructive criticism can be easy. Giving a constructive compliment could be a little harder. I do not understand why it is so easy to bring people down and so hard t build people up.

Get in the habit of seeing something someone does well, and acknowledge it.

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