Scared to try botox?

Statue with iPhone

I was, and then I tried it. Technically thought, I tried Dysport (similar product, different brand). What’s nuts is that I was more afraid of what people would think of me then I was what could go wrong. I have considered myself to be someone who didn’t care what people though, but alas I have […]

Swipe Up

Kelsey Kesler Subscribe to get a weekly round up of my musings, some brain food and a laugh. I also really dig growth, so I’m thinking a weekly challenge is in order – the catch is you are your ps. your email is no spam. pps. I know I used too many animated thingy-s, but […]

Hashtag Networks

Do you want to build a following but struggle with a “niche?” Like, how exactly do I fit: fitness, food, adventure, travel, self-development, money, depression, happiness, design, interiors, home, business, etc., into a single brand?? I am not one thing. I have a couple solutions: Have a website home base that is YOU. Purely, every-little-bit-you. […]

How do you like your food?

I’m quite curious. I like to see how other people live. I find that people have amazing little hacks that they don’t realize everyone has. Since you asked, I would call myself lazy when it comes to food. I don’t think I could use ignorant as an excuse as that went the way of the […]

7th Anniversary

Yesterday was R, and I’s 7th Anniversary (legally – we actually had two weddings). And we didn’t forget it this year! To celebrate, we made supper, had a hoot, I bubble bathed while R sat on the toilet, and we just talked about our mental healths and future. If it doesn’t sound romantic, it was. […]

Less Time on Chores, More Fun

Since the house finished and now staged for selling, it’s amazing how relaxed I feel and how much time I have now, it’s always clean. Here are somethings that I did extra as a part of the packing and staging process. Even though we haven’t sold yet, anything that isn’t required for staging I have […]

Super quick and organized home filing system

Do you hate paper? Yes, yes – everyone does! But it is also still the necessary evil that hasn’t fully transitioned to digital. There must always be an original hardcopy. If you can transition to paperless, it is absolutely the best way to go! Even still, in Canada, businesses are required to give you paper […]

Earn it so you know what to do with it

While I was drooling over the new iMacs and Mac Pros and Pro Displays this afternoon, I suddenly remembered a piece from The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone along the lines of: People always tell me, if I made it to where you are I would retire, why do you keep working? And I say […]

Open yourself to opportunity and you will find it.

We got in the car thinking that we were going to drive to some small town and wander around, taking in someplace new. Have a coffee, and just take it all in. Turned on the car and…oops. I forgot to get my slow leak fixed during the week. Rob was irked immediately – now we […]

What’s you poison to covet, year after year?

I realized today that I always try to pigeon hole myself into a small box. I try to label myself as one thing and get frustrated when I cannot pick just one thing. There are the pasts, the presents and the futures. A thousand words for every photo, always evolving with the season, the current. […]