Caring about the Environment isn’t good for business

How do we change the narrative around the environment? I watched Netflix’s David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet and it really moved me. I am a naturalist and naturally am interested in the environment. I posted a YouTube asking what business would look like if businesses weren’t all about growth and were more about […]

My position on sponsored posts and adverting.

I want to be very transparent and clear when it comes to my monetizing position. Bloggers are a new wave of advertising and I want to be sure my readers are clear about where I stand and what I offer. My blog is to offer ideas and strategies as well as create discussion. I want […]


I have been superficial blogging for a few years now. By superficial I mean I make a thousand and one blogs but have never written more than a hundred¬†articles altogether. In all that time I always wanted to make them official. All the blog trimmings, right down to the terms and conditions. ¬†Until I came […]