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30 Aug, 2020

fishing where there are no fish

Robert and I have taken up fly fishing. Robert has always been an avid fisherman, I not so much. I don’t like spinning rod fishing, I find it quite boring. But fly fishing, I have learnt, after watching my dad (an avid fisherman), is an art. So we decided to try out a stocked recreation […]

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22 Aug, 2017

Vlog. 01 Paddle Boarding

Hey, its a beautiful day out there and I can feel summer is coming to a close, so I need to get out into the sun! So excited about my new summer past-time and super sad that the season is ending. Here is a little video of my time on the board.

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18 Jul, 2017

Beautiful British Columbia

Looking back on a wonder Thanksgiving weekend spent in the BC mountains. I was living in Gravelbourg, but had nothing to do for Thanksgiving, so a wonderful friend invited me home with her. She grew up in Jaffery, BC and she was right; it just smells good the minute you get there. It is so […]

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25 May, 2017

Neck Point, Piper’s Lagoon & Departure Bay, Nanaimo

I spent the afternoon after I got off the plane driving along the coast enjoying the sights close to home. Piper’s Lagoon, Neck Point and Departure Bay are all local favourites for spending the day by the ocean. It was amazing to me how strong the ocean smelt here. I don’t remember the ocean smelling as much […]

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11 Aug, 2016

Hike in Camping at the Gem Lakes, Saskatchewan

So Last weekend I drove out at the crack of dawn to a beautiful little jewel in the rough the almost no one has heard about… The Gem Lakes. It’s not surprising because they are well hidden and although they are in a provincial park in Canada they are relatively unadvertised. The only reason my […]

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16 Jan, 2016

Swimming with the Turtles, Akumal Beach, Mexico

A gorgeous morning, a beach, flippers… what more could a girl ask for?! Certainly my husband was all about the turtles. He has a running joke that we did not go to Mexico to get married (but we did), but we went to Mexico so we could swim with turtles. As soon as he found […]