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20 Sep, 2018

Toiletries : What do I need

I have been thinking really hard lately about what do I really need. Who am I and what does that translate into for needs. Minimalism isn’t about living with less than 100 things to me. It’s about living with the right stuff, for me, to make my life comfortable, happy and easy.

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22 Aug, 2017

Vlog. 01 Paddle Boarding

Hey, its a beautiful day out there and I can feel summer is coming to a close, so I need to get out into the sun! So excited about my new summer past-time and super sad that the season is ending. Here is a little video of my time on the board.

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18 Jul, 2017

Beautiful British Columbia

Looking back on a wonder Thanksgiving weekend spent in the BC mountains. I was living in Gravelbourg, but had nothing to do for Thanksgiving, so a wonderful friend invited me home with her. She grew up in Jaffery, BC and she was right; it just smells good the minute you get there. It is so […]

06 Jul, 2017

WindScape Festival 2017 in Swift Current

The annual Windscape Festival in Swift Current, SK is becoming a big deal. Its a pretty neat festival, during the day its geared towards kids, but when going as a group is a super fun. You’re encouraged to bring a lawn chair, sit back and enjoy watching the kites. There is always music playing and you […]

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27 May, 2017

Four Days in a Carry On

Any amount of days in a carry on is tough and four days in a carry on is no exception. Everyone has essential items they require and sometimes a carry on handles those items alone without adding anything else you need to travel. As you collect everything you want to bring with you realize that perhaps […]

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25 May, 2017

Neck Point, Piper’s Lagoon & Departure Bay, Nanaimo

I spent the afternoon after I got off the plane driving along the coast enjoying the sights close to home. Piper’s Lagoon, Neck Point and Departure Bay are all local favourites for spending the day by the ocean. It was amazing to me how strong the ocean smelt here. I don’t remember the ocean smelling as much […]

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11 Mar, 2017

Things bought for my Trip to Cuba

When we were planning our trip to Cuba we decided we were going to pack as light as possible and make sure that as many items are possible were multi use. Admittedly Robert did a better job of this then I did.  One item that he bought that I will make a purchase of was […]

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04 Mar, 2017

AirBnb Apartamentos PLAEZ No. 1, Havana, Cuba

After being in Cuba for a week and staying in other Casa Particulars we were a little disappointed we didn’t save money and rent just a room while we were in Havana too, but within one day of staying at the apartment we changed our tune. Staying seven days in the same place the apartment […]

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13 Feb, 2017

AirBnb Hotel Escalona in Boca de Camarioca, Cuba

We had planned to start our trip in varadero, spend a couple days exploring and figuring the place out, before carrying on the to the next adventure. It wasnt until just before we left canada that we realized the Casa Particular, Hotel Escalona, we booked with on Airbnb was not in Varadero, but in a small […]

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01 Jan, 2017

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

My husband is getting his taste for travel, but not quite ready to go it alone yet. His Uncle and Aunt love Puerto Vallarta (PV) and were already going for a month in January and invited us to join them. So for the end of January we got to explore PV with a couple of […]