Earn it so you know what to do with it

While I was drooling over the new iMacs and Mac Pros and Pro Displays this afternoon, I suddenly remembered a piece from The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone along the lines of:

People always tell me, if I made it to where you are I would retire, why do you keep working? And I say you don’t know that – you can’t know that if you worked to be where I am, lived the way I lived you would retire right now.

As I flitted between all the new models of beautiful Apple technology, I was struck with the knowledge I didn’t deserve that much tech yet. While certainly out of my current financial plan, they aren’t out of my long terms goals plan, but I haven’t earned using such a machine.

Mac Pro 2019 Repair - iFixit

Something to consider when drooling over the next piece of “whatever” – is have you earned it? Not only from a funds perspective, but from need. Could you put that “thing,” whatever it is to its full potential? Have you graduated from an entry-level tool, and grown into more technical tools, to the point of deserving or even needing the professional’s prize?

If you haven’t started, and then grew with the tech, skills, and tools – you won’t know how to maximize them.

Think of a professional photographer vs an amateur – a professional will take an amazing photo with any camera in their hands. The better the camera the more the professional can flex skills. An amateur that doesn’t know much about either the tool or the skill won’t get the best possible result from a basic tool, let alone the more advanced tools.

Start small and grow. Earn the next level.

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