Swimming with the Turtles, Akumal Beach, Mexico

A gorgeous morning, a beach, flippers… what more could a girl ask for?! Certainly my husband was all about the turtles. He has a running joke that we did not go to Mexico to get married (but we did), but we went to Mexico so we could swim with turtles. As soon as he found out this was a possibility in during our trip planning, he became obsessed. Obsessed. No joke. So of course when there we had to find a way. We went on an all day excursion the afternoon was filled with touring the ancient city of Tulum.

The bus ride from our resort was short. It was the first time my husband and I had been on a trip outside Canada together, and seeing Mexico in the daylight was an awaking. The beach was beautiful, we did get to actually swim with turtles as they were in the area, as well as other fish life. Tip for the ladies, do not where a string bikini, I believe there are a fair number of people who got a good look at my headlights, as I did not notice for quite a while… I also got a little worries about fire coral apparently very irritating if you touch it, it burns for a while. After that I kept a solid distance between me and the reefs.

After that we went to a small restaurant on off the beach. It seemed very authentic, it lacked the über clean look that commercialized bars have for visitors, and it was all the more amazing for it. We tested some real Mexican fare that I would totally go back for again if I knew the name of the place.

All in all it was an excellent morning. If we stayed at the same resort again, I wouldn’t even go on a tour for that, I would hitch a taxi and cruise down to the beach solo. It really wasn’t very far. It is a shame beaches aren’t public on that side cause a solid beach hike would have gotten us to Akumal beach as well.

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