Feeling the Zing of Entrepreneurialship

I recently began the process of heavily selling items for cash. Thanks, Gary V for the inspiration. I know I want to start a business and that it’s a bucketlist item, but I am forever unsure of what the direction of the business will be. But as a short term interlude I have began practising the are the flipping shit.

It’s interesting because it’s one of the simplest ways to get yourself out there. To test the waters of sales and negoitaiton, two fundamental pieces of being an entrepreneur.

And I have to admit bucket list get the thrill. It’s almost win-win. You list something and it sells and you jump for joy, feel the rush and can’t wait to try again. Something doesn’t sell – don’t worry, they weren’t the right fit, you will have another chance.

I truly cannot wait for my ah-ha moment when I know the direction I am going to go.


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