Five Lessons from failure

I have had a week now, of designing my new home on the web. It means I lost a week of potential connections and discussions. After “blogging” for three and a half years, there are few life lessons I have gained and some I have learnt from and some I still struggle with. Overall I now know what I have to do if I want 

to be successful in anything.

Stick to something.

Anything, just one thing. A least for a while. One of the biggest reasons for my current lack of success as a blogger is lack of consistency. I have made probably 500 redesigns of 50 different blogs. If I would have just stuck to the first damn blog I picked and wrote, wrote, wrote – I would be 4 years into one blog. Not 1 week. Again.

This is two-fold when you try to expand before you have anything to expand. Starting small in anything and evolving as you grow as things become easier is the fastest way to success by far. So much easier to build on success then it is to build on nothing.

Share, invite, collaborate, and connect.

One of the biggest breakthroughs I had in my entire blogging experience came when my husband was fed up with me and my whining about lack of success. He said, if you want people to read it and see it, you have to tell them about it.

At the end of the day, self-promo isn’t always great, but it is necessary. For anyone, or anything. If you want to run a business or a non-profit people need to know you exist.

It isn’t always about money. It’s often where things lead, but it’s not the only thing. If the content, products, services you’re offering is to provoke thought, inspiration, conversation, happiness in others – how can it be a bad thing to try to find your people?

Produce Constantly.

To be a blogger, writer, podcaster, YouTuber, or social media maven (or anything) – at the end of the day, you must be doing that, constantly. This is somewhere I struggle. I have a tendency to change the design of my website more than I write a blog post. By lots. I have been a web designer, not a blogger. That is why I’m still a blank slate.

This is something I am working on. I am working on simplifying my life and my process so that I focus on content creation. I working on doing the daily tasks that make me what I want to be. Daily meditation, walks, yoga, plantful foods, less stuff. Daily habits that make me be who I want to be.

Give freely.

By far the best way to engage with and find people who have the same interests as you is to go where they are and share. For free. With no expectation of return. I’m not sure if I believe we all have a purpose. But I do believe we all have a service to give. Communities are made up of people who take on different roles and exchange their expertise with some else who needs their expertise. We all can’t be experts in everything. That’s why we live in communities where the load can be split and lightened.

Money is a requirement of life, but helping the young and the old and struggling has never hurt more than helped.


This may be the biggest tip. Discipline to write and not design. Discipline to eat plants, not cake. Discipline to get up early and take care of body and mind. Discipline to do this every day. Once, twice, more. Pushing day after day. Through the easy days and the hard days, making the choice that will bring me one step closer to the result I desire. Discipline.

Do you have lessons that you think are critical to success? What are they? How do you implement them?