Gary Vaynerchuk: a Multi-faceted and Talented Man

I listened to Gary Vaynerchuk for a long time, I loved his youtube in particular. I preferred the 2 hours speaking presentations and live Q & A more than his podcast episodes which are usually shorter. After a while though, I got a little tired of the same message. He still makes my list of inspirational people. The dude is insanely consistent.

After being broken up for a year, I started listening to him again. I downloaded all his podcasts and started going on daily walks binge listening to Gary’s message.  As I listened I noticed a change.

I realized that his message has been updated and I like it even more. Gary, himself, realized his message was getting misinterpreted and is modifying the tone.

Gary is a multi-faceted man – many he wants to be (entrepreneur, family guy, jets fan, good human). Something he doesn’t want to be (motivational speaker). And finally, a bunch of things he might not even know exist (minimalist, a stoic, zen master, psychologist).

Entrepreneurial Gary

Since he was a kid, he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. And he did that, went to school and then ran a business. When he was finished with that game he moved onto bigger fish and began building his legacy.

Vayner has done nothing but grow. Gary capitalized building a service business where he could execute on his best skill – communication.

Based on that skill he also puts out so much content that he builds the image he wants to build. He creates so much and is so consistent with his content (documenting not creating), that the message was almost sharp. Now he’s in the process of refining that message and changing the tone.

Gary the Unintentional Motivational Speaker

In the process of building his message and now redefining Gary has become known as a motivational speaker (not his goal).  And he is motivational. He hits chords that hurt and electrify, igniting emotion and action. Which, of course, is the basis of a successful marketer and communicator. The reason he is such an amazing motivational speaker is that he hits truths in all of us listening. Touching on our fears and insecurities, while also giving something hard to hear: the truth.


Sometimes we don’t realize we are something until someone sees it in us and brings it to our attention…

… Gary from the outside seems like he could be a minimalist, even if he doesn’t identify as such. “Stop buying shit you don’t, need to impress people you don’t like, with money you don’t have.” Not a direct quote, but I can almost hear him saying it.  Find what makes you happy, so that and live your life. Nothing more, nothing less…


…He has sometimes come across like a stoic that stays humble and hungry. Always ready to start from scratch, because it’s about the journey, not the destination…  

Zen Master

…A zen master that wants you to be present and grind. Don’t look ten years into the future, look into your next 10 minutes. Figure out how to make those minutes work for your future – don’t waste a day…

Arm Chair Therapist

…Finally, an armchair therapist, digging into your hurts and fears. Questioning your beliefs and thoughts, because really, what’s the worst that could happen? You start over because you love the process…

He walks his talks, he speaks a lot about entrepreneur-ism and is in his own right a successful businessman. The advice he gives is really universal, his talks are really motivational and educational. He inspires people to look inwards and be honest. Don’t follow fads, find your thing.

He’s a lifestyle guru, even if that wasn’t in the plan.

  • Not only telling people what they need to hear but also showing the way – documenting the process (showing entrepreneur-ism).
  • Living and working simply and not getting fancy (economy flights, jeans + t-shirt).
  • Spending on things that will move you forward. Loving the process and knowing he could start over and not only survive but thrive. Be present and do you.
  • Know yourself and be honest about where you will be a success not where you want to be.

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