Gymnastic Bodies Program Progress

At the end of December, I started a new fitness program, which I found because of the book “Tribe of Mentors” by Tim Ferris. I liked the focus, purpose and methodical progress of the programming.

There have been some negative reviews that, so far, I haven’t had issues with. Ultimately, it seems like a ruthlessly methodical approach to mobility and strength that I appreciate more than dislike (kind of like my love of Apple products).

Originally I was going to start with the intro program, but as I had some time, I decided to go through all the foundation’s classes (they are 2-10 mins times about 18 videos) and just test myself. I found I have weaknesses in the Bear Walk and Inchworm, but overall my mobility is good.

Once I finished the intro courses, I switched to the level 1 course, which starts you off with easy progressions, sets and reps (most are 3 reps x 3 sets to start). I find this to be great because it really gives someone time to work into their strength and mobility.

Again, I found that the starting progression was, really, too easy. I decided to challenge myself. I changed the progression and sets and reps to the highest combination I figured I could do, safely and correctly.

In the case of Upper Body Strength, I smoked the pull strengths and push strengths for A1 progression (5 sets x 15 reps), but I was wasted for the shoulder articulation and ended up regressing to 4x15r.

I have linked an Airtable I created to track my progress through the program. It has the framework for Levels 1 through 4, but I have only flushed out level 1 (mostly, I still find missing information).

One thing to note: Airtable functions best on computer.

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