Hashtag Networks

Do you want to build a following but struggle with a “niche?” Like, how exactly do I fit: fitness, food, adventure, travel, self-development, money, depression, happiness, design, interiors, home, business, etc., into a single brand?? I am not one thing.

I have a couple solutions:

  1. Have a website home base that is YOU. Purely, every-little-bit-you. Be real. Get weird. Have fun, link all socials and make it a smorgasbord of you-ness.
  2. Build a hashtag network that splits your content into different subjects. As you post and use the correct hashtag for the subject on repeat, you build a hashtag with relevant and continuous content. You could have 5 hashtags that you manage, and the real lovers, who just fuckin’ get you, will watch it all. The ones that like you but, just some, will follow the hashtags.

Does this sounds useful to you? Would you try it?


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