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I’ve been playing around with website building and branding for about five years. I choose a random name or business and I transform a site into whatever is passionately influencing me at the time. My muse of the moment. I have switched gears so many times I have lost track, trying to figure out which way is north. Construction, administration, customer service, hospitality, accounting, production, gas fitting, web design, web management, web hosting, blogger, writer, entrepreneur, personal trainer, photographer, interior¬†designer, graphic clothing designer, podcaster,¬†twitcher… um. ya, so. I am going to wrap alllllll that into a business & life podcast, where I talk to people about careers and what it means to them. welcome.


let’s get sweaty

Nature’s calling.

Moments in nature are great for being mindful, playing, connecting, and appreciating all we have and who we have to share it with.

Let’s go outside

the blog

It’s like you were there.

Somethings are less about the tools, and more about how well you can use what’s available.¬†


Everyone starts somewhere.

I’m a multi-passionate person, and that is quite hard to nail down a niche for – but I’ve been a beginner so many times, I think I found my starting point, how can I be the change I want to see in the world?


Kelsey Kesler-Piche

Hello, my name is Kelsey, and I am the one behind the blog! I’m 95% hobby and 5% for profit, and wouldn’t be upset to see the number’s reverse. I love working on the blog, but I am ready stop redesigning and start writing, taking photos that get posted and meeting people I can talk about all the things with, so please, join the conversation!