How do you like your food?

I’m quite curious. I like to see how other people live. I find that people have amazing little hacks that they don’t realize everyone has.

Since you asked, I would call myself lazy when it comes to food. I don’t think I could use ignorant as an excuse as that went the way of the dodo when the internet arrived. Looking up a recipe and practicing any cooking or baking is (like many things now) unreal easy with the internet.

Caribbean Tenderloin and Pineapple Chutney

As a kid, my stepdad did a lot of the cooking. Or my dad when we were with him. When I left home, I remember going to the library and reading nutritional books about vegetarianism, like “Skinny Bitches” and colourful books about superfoods. I was a big snacker. I would just prepare and chop fruits and veggies, meats and cheese and call it lunch.

Loaded Greek Burgers

Then when I moved to Saskatchewan and worked at a restaurant I ate a lot of toast and chicken fingers. They also had reaaaallly good soup homemade soup.

Once R and I moved in together, we started cooking from home a bit to save money. When we moved into the house, we went straight into renovations after work and ate a ton of fast food. At about 8 PM every evening, starving, I would drive to pick up and bring back food while R continued to work.

Holiday Turkey & Apple Bacon Stuffing

Now we have slowed. Since the house has been done, we have been cooking again (we have also gotten a bit tired of Dominos and Pizza Hut, but it had to happen sometime, right?)

So here we are. We have tested out Hello Fresh; it was good – lots of variety in what they send, we found it a bit exotic for our tastes.

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

We are currently using Chef’s Plate and are enjoying it. We recently bumped up the 4 serving plan to have leftovers for lunch (I feel like I am really getting good at batch processing my life). I have saved an unreal amount of time, not grocery shopping. Quite frankly, supper seems like one of the beastliest meals to shop for and make. Breakfast? Easy. Lunch, I like ’em quick because I’m a working girl and only have so much time, so I am ok with the simple and quick fare. Come supper; I want some variety and nutrition.

So progress is best in baby steps, and I find that via supper delivery. One suggestion for improving Chef’s Plate would be to find better packaging as much of the food is wrapped in plastic.

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