Listicle of Inspirational People

Here you will find a list of people who I find inspirational. This is one of those posts that I will continue to update as I am inspired. I will add and remove people and add more context as I go.

My odd list of people I collect inspires me for different reasons. Overall though, these are influencers that I have given or continue to give my attention. Sometimes we break up. But these are people I continually search out and return to. They are in no particular order, I have never met them, nor is there any affiliation. Though would be kinda nifty to call them friends.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Love his message and how consistent he is. He has been saying the same thing for years on end. His message is getting better, giving more context as he goes. He is an incredibly inspirational businessman, who I believe if had to start over could restart and succeed again.

Heidi Somers

I found her just last year, and I might be in love. She is beautiful, down to earth and killing it in life. I like her because she is what I dream I could be: movie star beautiful, an athlete, entrepreneur and happy. Busy living her best life. I am inspired by how she self-coached and created my own free program.

Christian Guzmen

I found him through Heidi of course, #couplegoals, but he is an inspiration all his own. He started small and if you look back you can see how much his business has grown and diversified. He is a good example of start small, grow, and start hiring. It’s all about getting the right people in place so you can focus on where you shine.

Lauryn Evarts

Lauryn is probably the first blogger I followed and found inspirational. I started following her a few years ago when she was just starting to really kill it. She had only just released her book and was solid in her blog and youtube. She’s since taken the podcast world by storm, and started a web-design side hustle. #girlsruntheworld

Tim Ferris

I read Tim Ferris’s “4 Hour Work Week” sooooo long ago. I fell in love with the premise, and have been on the hunt for my thing ever since. Since then I check in and really want to read the Tribe of Mentors. Tim was probably my very first inspo for heading into entrepreneurship.

Sarah Wilson

I don’t know how I found Sarah, but she has inspired me like the others because of her journey. She is an example of when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. She was already an accomplished writer, editor and host when she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. While she backed away from the spot light at first, she was soon back in it. After realizing that what she ate (or didn’t eat) affected her health and the disease immensely. She wrote a bestseller “I Quit Sugar” and created an 8-week program that made her a successful entrepreneur. She’s since closed the business and moved to more philanthropic and environmental pursuits. I love how she weaves so much of herself into all that she does. Also, her website is website porn.

If you hadn’t noticed there are some commonalities: fitness/health, business/entrepreneurship, and blogging/writing/vlogging all to some degree. They all have very solid personal brands and successful in their own special way.

Do you have special people that you find super inspirational?

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