I’m coming out of a stressful couple months, where I lost track of taking care of myself. I had a solid morning routine for months, I usually pick up a good routine around February. This year, I managed to keep my routine into July, but completely lost pace when I came back from vacation to a mess at work. All of a sudden I found myself giving work 10 and 12 hours days, compounded by poor eating habits due to a lack time to prep. Fact is, eating well takes time, if you can’t afford a personal chef, and when you run out of time fast food becomes a go-to. I was going to work early and skipping my morning routine, missing the time I take to make a good breakfast and lunch. I would get home late and just not have the energy to give any fucks about supper and sometimes even a shower.

It’s been two months, and I am clawing my way back. Two months. The recovery period will be much longer. My skin is shit. I’ve lost good weight and gained bad weight. I feel tired all the time. I can tell I have not been nice to myself.

[What is losing good weight, and gaining bad weight? I can tell I’m losing muscle mass because the number on the scale is going down, but the fluff around my tummy isn’t really getting smaller. In which case I’m losing good weight and gaining bad weight :/ This is a good example of why a scale alone is not a good progress indicator when it comes to health and weight. There are so many factors.]

So what have I been doing to get back to where I need to be? It’s slow. A daily process, sometimes a weekly process.

As I continued to make these changes I had more energy. I could get up a little earlier. The changes compounded, because I was slowing down and had time to rest, and was eating a little better, which meant I could get up in the morning and prepare and eat better, which gave more energy. By eating less shit I could sleep better. It’s a cycle friends.

Self-care is no joke. Whatever that looks like for you, you gotta do it. Here are some other ideas for de-stressing:

Making little changes and continuous improvement is the way to make a big change. Don’t make it hard. Give yourself time and notice the improvements. I think you’re better to start something and track your success and once you’ve reached a milestone, add something. This way you are open-ended in your practice (because you shouldn’t stop after 8 weeks or 12 weeks) and you’re creating permanent changes that fit with your lifestyle.

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