Is minimalism hard?

Is minimalism hard or easy? Is it cheap or expensive. Depends on who you talk to. Buddhists, zenists, stoic’s and people who just like life with less have been living the “minimalist life for a long time – centuries.

So why now, that consumerism is at an all time high and debt is through the roof is it that living a life of less is a catch word fad. Why negative nelly’s harping on how its actually terrible and wasteful. That its only for the rich. There are even snobs who think people are jumping on board throwing out good stuff so they can be on the band wagon, only to fall off again and buy more stuff.

I don’t think that minimalism is hard. Or expensive. Or easy. Nor do think it’s only for yogis, and Buddhists and rich people. I think some people can and do live very lightly, very happily. There are extreme cases where people live living out of backpacks. That’s ok. It’s not for everyone.

I do think it’s been taken so far that people are “jumping onto a bandwagon” not really getting the point. Isn’t about hiding all your possessions in boxes under the stairs so that your home has a nordic aesthetic. It is about knowing about what brings you joy. It is about learning limits.

I personally feel tired and uncomfortable when my personal spaces are cluttered. I like bare walls, that I view an unlimited opportunity. I don’t want to put anything up because I know in a year I will want to change it. I don’t like decorations because fads change, and I am susceptible to them, and if I never buy in I never waste money.

Minimalism should be about getting as simple as possible, but not more than necessary. Keep all your memories, your books, your knick-knacks. I think minimalism is less about what you get rid of and more about what you keep and bring into your life. At some point you would think you have all THINGS you need, and now it’s time to experience? To read, make art, go on adventures? Let go of the things you don’t like, the things you tried and weren’t into. Keep what you love. Stop trying to anything other then what you already are. You don’t need anything else to make you complete.


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