Keeping a Young Mind and Heart

I haven’t even rung 30 bells and I am starting to feel the pains, and heartaches that come with ageing and not taking care. I think of my grandmother who is to turn 90 next spring – she still volunteers, rides her bike around, walks the beach regularly, gardens, and lives on her own.  She is a woman who still travels internationally!

I want to live long and happy like her. To be strong and persevere.

I believe happiness begins in the mind. I believe that proper nutrition and exercise will bring you higher, but there has to be a starting point from within. I am starting to think about how I can manage my mind and find joy. I need to pay attention to how I react to things and be really conscious that it is my reaction that matters.

Part of this is being able to stay “young at heart,” to be joyful and playful even as I age. It seems as though I spent my entire youth wanting to be an adult, and now that I am an adult  I realize the secret to staying young and happy is to be playful and youthful.

Mad truth is ageing cannot and will not stop. It’s a natural process. A beautiful process, but I can control how I respond to it. Daily(ish) training in meditation, visualization, positive affirmations, etc. combined with other relaxation methods, soothing physical therapies and personal wellbeing techniques can keep the years from adding up too fast on your mind and body.

Here are some things that can help continue being young at heart and mind:

Massage Therapy

I started going to massage therapy about three or four years ago and it amazed me the difference it made in loosening up the muscles and feeling freer.


Yoga is something I currently don’t do enough of. I am learning that the exercise practice of my youth was not complete and I did not give stretching and flexibility the time it needed for a well-rounded exercise regime. Im paying for it now with reduced mobility that I am trying to regain through yoga as well as connect with my body and see where I am strong versus weak.


A great tool for learning to focus and clear the mind. I had been doing this daily and am getting back into it. I have noticed I sleep better and feel more awake and energized after a session.

being open to trying new things

Getting older often means being more cautious, don’t hold yourself back, continue to live to the fullest!

Celebrate your age

Only you can make it this far for you. I never liked celebrating birthdays until I met a girlfriend who was like, “stop.” You have to celebrate. This is your day, you made it here, celebrate your LIFE.

Take risks

Like the above, being open to new things, don’t stop taking risks. Risks can give opportunity and you’ll get more out of life.

Be social

I have that slowly as family and life take over being social becomes a non-priority, but being with people you enjoy – the laughter and stories – make you feel so young and happy.

Don’t judge others by their age

Remember, it’s only a number.

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