Less Time on Chores, More Fun

Since the house finished and now staged for selling, it’s amazing how relaxed I feel and how much time I have now, it’s always clean.

Here are somethings that I did extra as a part of the packing and staging process.

  1. Even though we haven’t sold yet, anything that isn’t required for staging I have packed away, donated, sold or otherwise organized out of sight. (Yes, I have had to go box diving, it’s been worth it)
  2. I went extra and stored things like food, dishes, clothes, toiletries – anything we are not using because of season or habit has been put away. It makes for super roomy drawers that aren’t overflowing and are easy to use and maintain.
  3. Anything used all the time was kept out and super easy to get to.
  4. Every night before bed, I quickly do a 10 second tidy, pick up clothes, put away things, and move things closer to where they should be.
  5. Dishes minimum once a day
  6. Make the bed every morning.
  7. Keep vinegar and a squeegee in the shower for cleaning after every shower. Sooooo easy.
  8. Teamwork: both of us staying on top of the cleaning has helped keep us accountable for tidiness.

It’s been a good lesson; it has given me thought on our process for getting the next place up to speed. The freedom I have found with a finished environment to create has me wanting to quickly get the new place liveable to apply my personal touch slowly over time.

Also, staying in a cabin, that is already outfitted with the bare necessities – made me realize how much extra we have (because life), but also started me thinking about what is necessary?

I find it so refreshing, calming and relaxing. Your thoughts? Are you a natural tidier? Or a drop as soon as you arrive? I definitely love the clean feel of less stuff visible.

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