Murray Lake Paddling

A little tough to get to, but if you like solitude in nature very worth it. We were hoping to camp at the south end, but it was already full – which make sense it’s relatviely easy to get to. To get to the north, you drive along the lake passing all the cabins – it is a rough likely only locally maintained dirt road that is not forgiving. Luckily the weather was good and road was dry so we did’t get stuck.

Robert did some serious paddling around this lake. It’s loooong. There is so much to see and very interesting seeing all the cabins that people created.

It’s a tight spot to get into, but we managed to back in and set-up quickly. Robert then embarked onto the lake for some quiet time. I attempted a paddle with the dog (he was still green) but that didnt last.

There were fellow fisherment in kayaks that had been there for the weekend with no luck in catching anything.

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