My position on sponsored posts and adverting.

I want to be very transparent and clear when it comes to my monetizing position. Bloggers are a new wave of advertising and I want to be sure my readers are clear about where I stand and what I offer. My blog is to offer ideas and strategies as well as create discussion. I want my readers to know that authenticity is important to me and my first intent is not to be greedy.


  1. This is my brand and commercial entity, not a non-profit and I need to earn an income from it.
  2. I am human, so my brand revolves around, me the person. I understand that means if I promote a product, idea, etc.  both me and my brand are implicated.

Should my stance change I will let you know, but right now this is where I’m at.

My recommendations are genuine

All and any recommendations I give across all channels are genuine and my own.

I actively discourage freebies

I am choosing to live a life of less. I do not encourage more things coming into my space. I like to own quality, multiuse products and not require more stuff.

Sponsored posts/features

I’m picky, and I don’t like extras. I would only accept sponsored posts from brands I love and align with my messaging and would make my readers lives better.

I don’t do fake Facebook posts

I don’t like paid shares or likes on any platform. Feels gross and fake and not something I want to be a part of. The blogging world has become a rat race in numbers, but that’s not why I’m here.

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