Nike, just did it.

When I think of Nike or any big brand for that matter, I don’t expect them to take a big stance on controversial subjects. Nike hasn’t exactly had a super clean reputation, but it’s changing, and it has to because people are changing and wanting better, cleaner more transparent and equitable companies to buy from. 

But Nike is making big news in a great way. I can honestly say that I like Nike more, because of the position it’s taken. 

To know that Colin Kaepernick, took a chance on his present and future to stand up for something he believed in beyond all things, and still has a backer like Nike standing by him, is amazing. Gives me feels. 

Whether Nike considered dropping him or saw the disruption it could make, I could guess which, it means something. 

Taking a risk is hard, especially when your life is on the line. Nike continuing to support Kaepernick, quietly and then loudly speaks to them staying true to their brand, Just Do It.

Nike’s support is standing up for ending racism, showing the middle finger up to trump, and made sure this issue doesn’t just get pushed aside. Sometimes a bully, needs to see a bigger bully to quiet its roar. 

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