This is my now page, with a list of projects that I am currently working on, and an abbreviated list of things that I am thinking about. 

I am a creator (curator, mostly), designer, writer, and lifestyle optimizer, enthusiast. I am currently focused on philosophy, behavioral analysis through social media, learning design, and playing board games with my hubby. I am currently an operations manager at a growing ag manufacturer. Here’s a link to my Spotify if you want to see my brain soundtrack and please follow my stream of consciousness on TwitterTikTokInstagram, and YouTube!

Current Ideas / Questions I Have

Long Term Projects

  • Optmization Ideacast for Living
  • Weekly Newsletter with Optimization Hacks
  • 2-3 YouTube Videos/week 
  • A platform for lifestyle education
  • Write a book: A Method to Unfucking Your Life

My Favorite Articles

Optimization Philosophy



Fitness Foundations

Yoga, Stosicim & Philosphy