Open yourself to opportunity and you will find it.

We have been trying to make sure we spend our time well. We really didn’t have a plan for the weekend. We had thought we would go on an adventure. Today we had a different kind of adventure.

We got in the car thinking that we were going to drive to some small town and wander around, taking in someplace new. Have a coffee, and just take it all in.

Turned on the car and…oops. I forgot to get my slow leak fixed during the week. Rob was irked immediately – now we wouldn’t be on the road until noon.

Tired fixed, we decided we really weren’t up to a long drive. So we just cruised around town, when he suggested popping in to see some friends we haven’t seen in a while and seeing what they’ve been up to.

We ended up just hanging out in the driveway for almost four hours! I got some sun as I wanted and we had some awesome, thought-provoking conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed the people and the conversation.

Next, we went back to driving around, picked up a camera, thought to maybe take some photos when we realized we hadn’t eaten lunch. Robert suggested a new place in town, Montaha’s Bistro, a Lebanese restaurant. The food was delicious, we were definitely in the mood to just try out some new things, I ordered spanakopita and Tabouleh Quinoa Salad while Robert ordered Shawwarma Burger and fries.

the spanakopita was so good, really nice flavour and not over powering as some can be. The Tabouleh Quinoa Salad though was a-maz-ing! It was so light, fresh and zesty tasting. A perfect summer salad. Roberts burger was also something I would like to order in the future, the chicken was perfectly flavoured and the bun was so fresh.

We were determined to give this restaurant a good test, and were already planning dessert when we were complimented with a free dessert called “Lebanese Dreams.” The desserts live up to the meal. Light, sweet and crunchy desserts.

For drinks, Robert tried a flavoured pomegranate beer (non-alcholic) and I tried a basil seed juice. Both were good, the beer is something I would try in the future too as it didn’t even seem like a beer to me. Along with dessert, Robert tested out the quawa espresso and I tested authentic chia. I drank the chai as suggested, no cream or sugar and it was good. I have tried authentic chai before and found that I definitely prefer authentic, and do not enjoy the store bags or syrups in comparison. I admit I am usually a cream and sugar girl, but I stuck to drinking it authentically.

I also tested Roberts espresso and found it to be really good. When you drink espresso made by hand, I’m not sure you can even call the machine-made stuff espresso. As someone who cannot normally drink coffee without cream and sometimes sugar, the fact I tasted Robert espresso and thought it was good as is… I now think we do something terribly wrong to coffee in north America.

I also thought that we do life wrong in someways. Going somewhere to just take in the food and the experience to just enjoy the moment, the food, talk to the restuarantaur, was a joy. I feel blessed to have been able to sit and eat at Montaha’s Bistro.

Not quite ready to call it a day, we got back in the car and started touring around. Drove around some blocks and noticed how many houses were for sale, before making our way downtown, where Robert notice the old board shop had a new sign out front, couldn’t quite read the sign, so we drove around the block and parked and decided to check out The Exchange, a new buy, sell and consignment store.

I am super glad we did because we met Tom, who moved back to town a couple of years ago after having lived overseas for a couple of years. He told us a bit of his story and share with us some interesting pieces of art and treasures. The art above is of hand-painted and cut out artwork that the level of skill took decades to reach the quality of detail. If you have anything you would like to buy or sell, he works with other antique sellers and can help you sell your stuff too. Pop in and say hi, you won’t be sorry chatting up Tom.

Today was interesting and took turns we didn’t expect. We hung out with good friends and met some new interesting people, and today really underlined for me the idea, that if you are open to seeing, learning, trying, meeting new people, ideas, or opportunities you just have to be open to them – they are out there. Even in little Swift Current.

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