Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

My husband is getting his taste for travel, but not quite ready to go it alone yet. His Uncle and Aunt love Puerto Vallarta (PV) and were already going for a month in January and invited us to join them. So for the end of January we got to explore PV with a couple of experts. They have been going to PV for about ten years and dont limit themselves to all inclusive resorts.

We stayed at the Icon Vallarta, a condo building that houses permanent and non-permanent residents. It is a favourite place for Mexicans to stay while on vacation as well. It is a trio of high rise condos, with two pools, two hot tubs, a gym, a restaurant, beach front, and offers parking, day care and house cleaning. It was absolutely beautiful. I would definitely live there if I could.

Our first night in PV we arrived just in time to unpack, relax and go to supper. We went to a favourite of Roberts uncle, Que Pasa? Translated as whats up. It was a nice place and I wish we would have went back. They has excellent entertainment, open kitchen and friendly atmosphere.

One of the days on our trip was spent sailing to the Los Arcos rocks. There were many boats there when we went as it is a beautiful location to see, very scenic, as well as it is a well known snorkelling spot.

If you ever go to PV, a great place to walk through is the cathedral. Its magnificent. There is so much history and truly fantastic art work.

We stopped by a tequila factory by accident and it was an amazing time. The tequila factory was empty and the sales person was looking for a crowd. We were walked through the tequila making process before we were give a taste testing. As the the vendor had no other customers pressing for his time, we were given a fantastic experience. We probably had 10 ten shots, maybe more and for each shot we took he had a witty, snappy cheer. By the end of the tour and testing I personally has half cut. The rest of the crew faired better, but just had too much fun and had a heathy day drunk going. The Tequila Factory if you were interested is Mama Lucia. They make really good tequila.

Me still feeling the effects of tequila, looking out to the Los Arcos.

Beach day, we decided to walk from the Icon Vallarta to the Malecon. I walk at a good clip and we made the trip in about an hour.

A view from our walk.

A haunted hotel. It remains incomplete though its on prime beach front property.

For kicks and giggles I took this. Maybe one day I’ll live in a tropical paradise.

Here we find a social croc in the marina. Definitely don’t fall of your boat while getting on or off.

I loved walking around PV and seeing the city, seeing the real life neighbourhoods, rather then just the cleaned up tourist places.

Some crazy wiring.

We found the cemetery and like the Cathedral there is some amazing works of art created there.

While out shopping there are some interesting stuffed creatures.

This is a stuff belt. For keeping your pants up. With a snake head.

One of our last nights in PV. Feeling a little sad to go.

Loved PV. Would love to make it my second home.

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