Scared to try botox?

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I was, and then I tried it. Technically thought, I tried Dysport (similar product, different brand). What’s nuts is that I was more afraid of what people would think of me then I was what could go wrong.

I have considered myself to be someone who didn’t care what people though, but alas I have proved that not to be true to myself. So I am working on exactly that, and I did the Dysport.

Good news – or bad news – it only lasts 3 months. turns out I liked it. I have an incredibly mobile forehead (now you can stop looking, I know).

My sister-in-law Nurse and her Nurse Practitioner friend opened up shop Meekblend Medical Aesthetics in Swift Current to offer Botox and Dysport. I simply could help myself and had to support & see what it was all about!

Super professional and they can get you started with a consultation online! It all starts with Colleen, a Nurse Practitioner, who will meet with you for a consultation and assessment of your candidacy for treatment.

Next, you will see Jenna, a Nurse Injector, who will treat you. You can come back for a check & touch up treatment at exactly 2 weeks post treatment, and then you can’t come back for subsequent treatments until 3 months past your first appointment.

I did have some feelings of fogginess or slight headache the first night, but it went away quickly and weren’t overly bothersome.

How long the results remain is all based on you and your skin. I have fair, delicate, and probably edging on sensitive skin – I could tell the results were fading (because I was checking all the time, you know?), but I really didn’t notice until probably the 2.5-3 month mark how mobile my forehead was again, so I would say I got my monies worth.

I enjoyed the adventure and will likely be getting more…

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