Simplicity Habits

I have been designing and redesigning blogs for almost 4 years and overall my success as a blogger has been nil. I want to start over. I want to simplify and focus my life on the things that really matter to me and will bring my ideal future to fruition.

To do this I need to find simplicity in my everyday. With this blog, I intend to share the strategies, habits, actions I take every day to cut the crap and get down to what I love. Unfortunately, when you spend a decade creating a massive pile of shit, it’s going to take a bit to undo the pile.

It’s the nature of things. You made your bed now you must lie in it. I have to take penance on the fluff around my hips and the debt above my head. With time and continuous action, m shit pile will get smaller. I believe that like paying off a loan the close you get to the end the bigger the payments on the principle are.

It’s going to be slow and tough to change and it won’t happen overnight. At the start, there will be fallbacks, but I hope that this blog creates a community of like-minded people that also want to work towards being leaner, lighter and freer.

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