I don’t know if it’s simply because I am more attuned to myself or because I consciously spend more time on self-assessment and how I feel physically and mentally, I notice stress now.  It’s been about 3 years since I started going to massage therapy for my neck and shoulders, and since then I have noticed I can start to feel my muscle tighten, get tired and sore. I feel the changes in my eyes, my ability to focus diminishes and my level of giving a f*ck goes down. 

Since practicing meditation I notice when my breathing changes, my belly will churn with anxiety, and I think I feel my blood pressure rise (never tested my ability). Being mindful of my body has also made me more attune to tire and sore muscles, or when something isn’t right. 

Basically, since I started paying attention!

Something else, I feel and handle stress differently as I age. I’m not sure its because I’m older and more experienced. Usually, I can manage it by breathing and mental discipline. I feel as though when I was younger and stressed I would vent, cry and move on. Now I breathe, get through it, but sometimes feel deep despair after. After the negative rush of stress and anxious emotions, I end up in a low space. 

I don’t like this. I have always been a fighter or flighter, but never a giver-upper. 

Here’s how I’m making changes:

How do you manage stress? Has it changed for you as you age?