words on philopsohy, minimalism, stoicism and yoga for a quality life.

  • Now 210719

    Its been a while since a gain a quickie update, here is where I am now: Work has been nuts, leaving me little time for personal Sneaking in activity, short walks and yoga asana, some weekend adventures camping and mudding, taping and laying floor in the house. Been applying for mentorships Defining company structure Dreaming […]

  • Why am I interested in NFTs #001

    Opinion: In order to be interested in something, you must desire something it will give you. If you already have the “something” you may not see the benefits. I am incredibly introspective, and am becoming very good at deep diving and trying to remember who was as a kid or teenager when no one was […]

  • eps. 001 game of life

  • 2021 in review

    2021 went by in a blur. we had a house 100% finished a flourished with a super clean, and organized space. I loved being about to completely focus on my workouts and felt so complete. then we moved out of our castle and into a little shack of a house. it’s perfect. it’s a truckload […]

imi ola

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

I do a lot of soul searching. Self-evaluation. Introspection. Self-improvement reading, practicing, thinking, analyzing. I am ambitious, there is no other way to put it.

I am also an operations manager for a manufacturing facility. Everything we do considers cost and efficiency. What I enjoy most is understanding the fundamentals, reverse engineering problems and creating methods to solve problems for repeat actions.

My natural philosophical self combined with a desire to design the perfect sequence of life for success has had 1 major stumbling block and I have struggled to navigate, though I am learning…

The balance of now, versus where you want to be.

Repeat after me, “this is the solution, until circumstances change.”

Let’s create visions (goals) of where we want to be, a plan on how we will get there, and what that means starting looks like.

Micro changes. Macro affects.

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