Things bought for my Trip to Cuba

When we were planning our trip to Cuba we decided we were going to pack as light as possible and make sure that as many items are possible were multi use. Admittedly Robert did a better job of this then I did.  One item that he bought that I will make a purchase of was the Gomex ultra light packable backpack. being able to crush that and get it out of the way on travel days was awesome. He bought the 30L, I definitely want one for the next trip but a little smaller. I do not need 30L of backpack.

We invested in some packing cubes and compartments to keep our stuff organized and wrinkle free and I wouldn’t go back. I compartmentalize everything now. I even use small zip bag in my purse to keep little things from floating around the bottom. I cannot handle the chaos anymore! Robert loved the foldable shirt organizer and also kept his dress pants in there to make sure they stayed nice.

We knew we would be taking alot of cash with us and didn’t want to leave it in the safe. Robert had ordered a super cheap belt from China and when it never showed up ordered the Pacsafe belt to ensure we had one before we went to Cuba. The pac safe belt worked great, could hold a lot of cash and didn’t look bulky. We kept all our additional Canadian cash in the belt for the entire trip. The belt from China? Arrived 3 months after ordering and was utter crap. Right into the garbage. The safe was also a necessary and worked great. We sometimes had trouble figuring out where we were going to lock it to, but we would also hide it so that it wasn’t obvious there was a safe there at all. We kept our passports, credit and debit cards in the safe along with any additional Cuba pesos. We kept our drivers licenses on us at all times.

Robert purchased the bar soap because he read reviews that it could be used on hair and body as well as on clothing. Because the first week we didn’t really have access to a washer we planned to have to wash our unders in the sink. We had packed tide hand wash packets, but just in case the soap was a good back up and wouldn’t use up any of our liquids space for carryon limits. Robert is pretty picky when it comes to his hair feeling greasy and the soap passed, it never really left him feeling gunky. I couldn’t do it. With my longer hair I would have felt gross right away. My priority was sunscreen. I have fallen into a deep love with the cool brand and ordered a travel set to get me through the trip. The After Sun repair cream didn’t make it home I loved it and used it everyday.

This book was sooo helpful. There are so many things in here that until I was there I did I realize how helpful it was. I read this before I went, but forgot so much. I reread after a week of being there and there were so many things that I was like “thats so true!!” Definitely a helpful book to take on the trip.

In flight comfort at its best. Honestly if you are in search of the prefect travel pillow look no further, this is the guy. It has a pump that allows you to fill it without losing pressure and if you loose pressure you can pump while its on your head. It has the most support I have found in a travel pillow. Lastly its packable you can deflate it and pack it away so that your not packing around a big asses pillow.

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