Top Focuses: September 2018

Narrowing down the number of things that take up your attention is important to a clear and free mind. When I begin to feel overwhelmed it is often because I have too much going on upstairs, even it’s just work and house chores that are piling up. A mental load is a truly scary thing and I feel it more and more. To relieve some of the mental load I am feeling, I am going to write out what my focus will be for the next month.

  1. Plant-based diet. I want to feel better from the inside out. I fell off the wagon in the last while working lots and need to get back on.
  2. Fitness. Another area where I have been neglecting. I don’t go overboard, but a 20-minute strength session or a 30-minute walk in the morning does wonders for my mental and physical well being.
  3. Yoga. I want to feel better and connected to by body. I want to feel the heal.
  4. Meditation. I never slept so good as when I meditate. My mind feels calm and clear after a good session.
  5. My mission. I have spent 5 years dithering. It’s time I pull up my socks and pound out some inspiration and help. I am tired of no purpose and ready to share what I have to give. I am on a path to align what I want with what I do and finding joy. I want to help others treat and solve their misalignment as well.

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