I have been superficial blogging for a few years now. By superficial I mean I make a thousand and one blogs but have never written more than a hundred articles altogether. In all that time I always wanted to make them official. All the blog trimmings, right down to the terms and conditions.  Until I came across zenhabits.net. I was blown away by the uncopyright and gravitated towards it. A lot because everything is recycled thoughts and words. Nothing is really one of a kind anymore. Also, I don’t care if someone steals my idea. My whole purpose of writing is to inspire, share, and hope that people can replicate and find the success that I have found.

So read Leo’s article for the full explanation, but below is the copied and recycled blurb for my purposes:

I’m granting full permission to use any of my content on Kelsey Piche in any way you like.

I release my copyright on this content.

From now on, there is no need to email me for permission. Use it however you want! Email it, share it, reprint it with or without credit. Change it around, put in a bunch of swear words and attribute them to me. It’s OK. 🙂

Credit and payment
While you are under no obligation to do so, I would appreciate it if you give me credit for any work of mine that you use, and ideally, link back to the original. If you feel like spreading a copy of my ebook, I’d appreciate payment. I’d prefer people buy my ebook, but if they want to share with friends, they have every right to do so.

You can’t steal what is given freely. I call this sharing, not piracy.

This post is an official notification that my writing here at Kelsey Piche are now in the public domain. I hereby waive all claim of copyright in this work; it may be used or altered in any manner without attribution or notice to me. Attribution, of course, is appreciated.

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