What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is starting to get a bad rep and be touted as a fad. It kinda, definitely has something “faddish” about the whole thing, but there is something very interesting and intriguing about the idea and purpose.

I think the reason it has built up so much steam is because people have truly benefitted and changed their lives through minimalism. It also comes in many degrees of intensity (like all things really) and it’

‘/s always the extremists that take all the glory and ruin it for everyone else.

(That’s kinda the problem with all things intensity, people take things to mega extreme’s – but that’s a whole other post.)

So what is minimalism to me?

More Time

Less work and more efficiency. Less choas, more peace. It’s less stuff, and less to organize, sort, and clean. It means more time, more energy, more space and opportunity. It’s doing exactly what’s needed and not more or less.

It means less time thinking about what I want to wear because I only have my favourites to pick from.

Less time cooking because I keel everything simple and natural.

More time doing yoga, writing, working out, reading, walking the dog. More time living.

The right stuff

Keeping what you need and love around you. Minimalism is maximizing what you already have. As I go through my things and review what I do, need, love, use – I realize how much I have acculumated trying to be something and then not continuing with it. So many hobbies and half finished projects I started only to not stick to them. The books, movies, songs, knick-knacks, etc. I keep because someday maybe. When I get real with myself, I am never going to finish knitting that scarf because I don’t like knitting. It’s not hard. Be honest.

Less Worry

I have things that are special to me, but I also recognize – they don’t make me.

Space costs money, the less you own = the less space you need = that costs = more $. By living with less I can live lighter and in small spaces. Living leaner will make you less It to the markets.


The end goal is to be happier. At the end of the day we can only do and be so much. Unless you won the birth lottery and were born into wealth, you will have to work and balance life needs with wants. But by living with less, being debt free, you will be freer. Literally free. half-finished to a job to pay the mortgage. Able to do things.

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