What’s you poison to covet, year after year?

I realized today that I always try to pigeon hole myself into a small box. I try to label myself as one thing and get frustrated when I cannot pick just one thing. There are the pasts, the presents and the futures. A thousand words for every photo, always evolving with the season, the current. Writers and Motivator are always telling you, “the things you focus on are the things you succeed in.” But it’s so hard to make sure that the past, present, and future all look the same. It’s tough when the dreams of what could be, don’t align with the past and now, but that’s the real trick, isn’t it? It’s the one’s that live the same life through decades: 10’s, 20’s, 30′,s 40’s, 50’s, the same year in and year out – they will see happiness – whether that happiness is a wealth of family, money, travel, adventure, fitness, anything you covet. You pick your poison. To have it is to protect it.

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