WindScape Festival 2017 in Swift Current

The annual Windscape Festival in Swift Current, SK is becoming a big deal.

Its a pretty neat festival, during the day its geared towards kids, but when going as a group is a super fun. You’re encouraged to bring a lawn chair, sit back and enjoy watching the kites. There is always music playing and you defninetly need to take a stroll through the festival seeing the artisans that came to give a show and play in the activities that are put out for the kids.

Kite flyers range from professional kite

flyers to you and your kids. You get to see some pretty amazing kites and wind permitting there is never a shortage in the sky.

By night there is the long days night music festival with some impressive acts coming to small town Saskatchewan.

Its definitely grown since the last time I went, a couple years ago and now they expect around 8,000 people at the festival. I missed the evening shows this year, but the  kite festival was a blast with the nephews.

The sun was out and it was a wonderful day spent out and about.

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